Feel free to watch me in action, as I attempt to recreate a piece of music from Hans Zimmer..."Mind Heist" from the movie Inception.

Also, check out some of my latest projects with my background music below.  Click on links below for examples of my music on music libraries, youtube, podcasts, social media and etc. Please check out the link to a album "Not Your Average Christian" by christian artist Wen Walker...located on Google Play and other streaming sites!  Also check out a podcast called "Life With Britney" featuring intro music by Make Room Music. Feel free to click on the Spotify link below.

Background Music for Youtube Channel

Backing Drum Tracks

Background music and ending music for a Chess Youtube Channel

Intro Background Music for AK Promotions

Video created by Omri Ayalon/Music by Make Room Music

Social Media/Streaming Links


Music for Deathcare Decoded Podcast

Music for A Couple of Cousins Podcasts

Music for "LIFE WITH BRITNEY" Podcast

Opening Theme Music for Business

Intro Music for Video Game Channel

Make Room Music feat on FOX SPORTS

Music on Epitome Music Library

Trailer Music Demo

Background Music for Projects